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Avec Renewable Energy Consulting is a boutique consultancy offering advisory, project development and O&M services for C&I rooftop and Utility Scale solar sector.

Avec focuses on solar photovoltaics consulting. On the business side we conduct market analysis and project development services with a focus on BEE and Local economic development. With our strong engineering, process and manufacturing background we offer a comprehensive suite of services from contract negotiation, technical specifications and acceptance testing in the module manufacturing as well as onsite services from quality control during the project execution stages or onsite post construction services.

Our company was created after recognizing there is a strong need for specialist services within the PV module value chain right from early stage project development, construction and operation stages through to end of life decommissioning. As a versatile boutique consultancy we understand the operational impact on powerplants based on early stage procurement decisions. We offer a niche tailormade solution to meet our clients needs. We are a boutique renewable energy consultancy active mainly in the C&I and utility scale PV space. Provide a wide range of specialist pre sales and onsite services such as equipment supply agreements, BOM and factory audits, quality criteria specifications, factory audits, project audits, acceptance test specification and witness testing as well as project development and ED services. Onsite services include staff training, onsite quality acceptance, Construction progress monitoring, ISO /project management quality, ED audits support, power plant performance diagnostics such as module inspection, IV curve testing, PR calculations. We have a unique thermography reporting software that integrates seamlessly with drone survey platform.

We cover the whole of the Middle East and Africa and have staff based in Cape Town and China

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